“Raindrop Prestashop Theme” Documentation by “BitSHOK” for Prestashop 1.5.x

“Raindrop Prestashop Theme”

Created: 07/05/2013
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Demo: DEMO Website

Thank you for purchasing my theme. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  1. Basic Installation
  2. Configuring Images
  3. Modules Positions & Configuration
  4. BitSHOK Slider
  5. Theme Options
  6. Translation
  7. Internet Explorer 8 & 9

Basic Installation - top

  1. If you still need to learn how to install Prestashop, Click Here Installing Prestashop
  2. Login to your back-office and go to Modules page
  3. Click Configure on module "Import/export a theme"
  4. Because the theme exceeds the default maximum upload size(2MB) on server you may get an error like this:
    To avoid this change in your php.ini file the upload_max_filesize = 2M to a greater value, e.g 10M.
    Also check your settings under Admin > Administration > Preferences > Upload quota .
  5. Select archive from extracted folder "themes", and click “Next” button until you finish the import procedure.
  6. Regenerate Thumbnails

Configuring Images - top

In back office go to Preferences > Images.

You need to regenerate thumbnails after this. Go to Preferences -> Images:

Demo images are 600px x 900px. I recommend to keep the proportions.
Manufacturer images must have 100px height.

Modules Positions & Configuration - top

In case you didn't install the theme using Import Theme Module or checked Use theme's configuration option for Native modules configuration here is the demo modules position setup:
Demo Modules Position
If you have installed the theme as described in Basic Installation than all the modules should be set on their corresponding position, but to be sure that everything went well please verify the list above.
Configure "Manufacturers Block" module to display 10 products (you can change the value to what you need, I chose 10 items):

Configure "New products block" module to display 8 products:

Configure "Customer reassurance block" module to display 3 items. (3 is the maximum value that works with the theme)

Delete 2 of the items and edit the rest:

Configure "Payment logo block":

Create a CMS page and put the payment logo and then select the page from module configuration:

BitSHOK Slider - top

This module should be hooked on Homepage content position.

Go to Modules, find BitSHOK Slider and click Configure.

Here you can add slides and change the slider options.

Theme Options - top

Go to Modules, find Theme Options for Raindrop Theme and click Configure.

You can change colors, patterns, enable/disable features and use your own css styles.

Translation - top

To translate the theme for your language go to Localization > Translations > Modify translations.

  1. Select Front Office translations, Raindrop and your language. Fill the empty fields with your translation.
  2. Select Installed module translations, Raindrop and your language. Fill the empty fields with your translation.

Internet Explorer 8 & 9 - top

When using the Internet Explorer 8 & 9, because this browsers have an css limit of 31 files and the fact that PrestaShop modules have their own css file that need to be loaded, if you enable many modules in your website, you may experience a display bug.

To workaround this problem go to Advanced Parameters > Performance > CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) and enable Smart cache for CSS, this will compress all the css files into one file.

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